Meet IDRIS, the Intuitive Data Relationship Inference System.

IDRIS represents a step-change in threat analysis. As the attack surface becomes increasingly broad
and complex, traditional analogue approaches to threat detection developed for email and server
vulnerabilities become less effective against threats targeting multiple access points such as mobile
devices, cloud services, and public wifi. Identifying threats on the network by monitoring channels in
isolation also significantly increases the time an attacker has to compromise your information and
cause costly harm.

What IDRIS does:

– Simplifies the process of getting data to an analyst, provides easy to interpret visualisations for both Incident Response and real-time alerting.
– Reduces the time and effort required for an analyst to investigate an event.
– Increases the scope of what an agent can learn when investigating an event, improving
the quality and confidence of an incident being investigated to satisfy company risk.
– Makes reporting complex data understandable for any audience

How IDRIS works:

IDRIS enables a user to upload structured data from multiple files into the platform. The user is
taken through a wizard screen (helping to demystify the process of data management and
transformation) and asked a set of simple questions. When satisfied the user can then launch the visualisation of their data that IDRIS has created and have the process of building the data base and transforming the data into the compatible structure completed for them – a task usually reserved for qualified and skilled data engineers.