Meet Our Team

Stephanie Robinson, CEO

After studying Law and Social Policy at Nottingham University in England, Stephanie worked to develop financial policies and processes for the National Health Service relating to overseas and private patients.
Following a successful application for improvement funding, she co-designed and managed the
implementation of a trust-wide database and patient experience framework which improved the efficiency of invoicing systems for overseas governments and private insurers.

In 2007 Stephanie worked with Prof. Tim Watson to create the UK’s first Cyber Security Centre (CSC)
in Higher Education at De Montfort University, now at top tier Warwick University and part of the commercially successful Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Following the success of the CSC Stephanie was able to establish a portfolio of Higher Education,
private and for-purpose organisations, with a reputation for securing development funding for
transformative infrastructure projects, Stephanie partnered with clients all over the UK and
overseas to create lasting positive change before moving to Australia in 2016. Stephanie relocated with her family in early 2016 to take up the position of Director of Advancement in Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology at The University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane. Responsible for a portfolio of over 35,000 alumni, Stephanie worked with HNWI and corporate partners to design and deliver development projects within the largest faculty at UQ, heading up six business units including the Australian Institute of Bio and Nano Technology and the Sustainable Futures Building in Chemical Engineering – now known as the Andrew Liveris Academy.

Most recently Stephanie has been working with for purpose start-ups as a Strategic Advisor to provide organisations with strategic development support to demonstrate investment credibility. In addition to her role as CEO of Assimil8, Stephanie is currently studying for a professional qualification in Cyber Security Risk and Strategy with RMIT due to complete June 2020.

Simon Robinson, CTO

Simon established the foundation of his career as a developer and solutions designer for a logistics software company. Simon represented the company in India, Singapore, Ireland and The Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom. It became apparent in this early stage in his career that he had a natural talent for understanding the user journey.

Simon then moved into Systems Architecture, with a
specialist focus on identity management for local government working with the Cyber Security Centre (then based in DeMonfort University, now at Warick University).

Simon started a Ph.D. research project looking into the security sensitivities of Blockchain in 2011 and deepening his Cyber Security knowledge by gaining his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) qualification in 2013. Simon was appointed as a security risk consultant in a leading European bank, progressing to lead the cyber risk team as well as managing the multi-million GBP IT cyber transformation portfolio.

In Australia, Simon has completed contract work for The University of Queensland, creating a business plan and engaging with their partners in order to work towards a multi-disciplinary Cyber Research and Education Centre. Simon has since moved back into the private sector to be the Cyber Operations Director for a fortune 500 global payment technology and services provider – giving him an opportunity to build an operations capability where previously one did not exist. The experience that Simon has gained has provided valuable insights into the limitations of current solutions as well as highlighting some common misconceptions as to the way investigations and data analysis are conducted for cyber.